Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grinding together

This game has been greenlight for pre-production with publisher ATBT. This will be the next, completely original project by TDGMods which will be developed on a yet-unannounced-engine.

For those of you who have seen this, I will keep you updated as to the progress.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

So I lied

Gael Romanete, my good French friend from years back, has donated a few Quake 3 Arena maps to help get started. He's going to be the technical director as far as the levels go, so he recommended me a good map which has a very weird and moody atmosphere.

Obviously, NiO nor DP is adjusted to such a map so things will be very dark (i.e. the Player) but you can get an idea of how nice the architecture is!

One Last Shot

So here's the last shot of NiO in its current state. I'm breaking all the code away from some template QuakeC stuff so it should look more interesting here in the next week, assuming I get time away from HT to do so.

Right now, you can pick up weapons and select them in an inventory through a very rudimentary interface. I'm looking for the traditional AiTD one (selections at the top half, actions at the bottom right, pictorial at the bottom left). That's not in the code, yet, so I need to study QuakeC a bit more to do that. Entities in Darkplaces versus QuakeC are more manageable, reminds me a lot of how HT is, except way simpler than that. Since DP code is already there, it's either modifying it, expanding upon it, or rewriting but DP takes most of the frustration out of hard QC coding.

Beware of the checkered hallways!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

NiO is Born.

Here's the first shot of NiO.

Enjoy for now!

First Post..

Here I'll show off the first screens of NiGHTMaRe ODINA, "The Nightmares We Search For". NiO is a survival-horror game based on the DarkPlaces Game Engine (Quake). It will hearten back to the days of old-school Alone in the Dark-style gameplay rather than the action of the newer Resident Evil/Silent Hill games.

Keep in touch.